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What is DCCF

DCCF stands for Delphi CVS Compile Farm. It allows you to manage CVS and Delphi Project though DCCF Client or localy from the DCCF server. One cycle consist of local backup, CVS checkout of all modules, compilation of all projects and finally report generation. Whole cycle is fully automated and can be initiated with simple click in the client's menu. DCCF client and server is distributed under GNU GPL licence version 2.


  • MS Windows (tested on XP)
  • Borland Delphi (tested on Delphi 7)
  • WinCVS (tested on WinCvs beta 17 build 1)
  • CVS Server (tested on CVS 1.12.5 on SuSE 9.0 and RedHat 7.2)
  • GNU tar and gzip (required only for server, included in server installer)
  • TCP/IP networking (e.g. LAN)


    Go to the DCCF download page at SourceForge.net


    You are welcome to support further development of DCCF. This should be done by testing current version of DCCF or direct development of new DCCF features. You can also send me any feedback or suggestions to my email at dvh.tosomja@post.sk. You can also donate to this project here.